Living in the Flow for less stress and greater peace of mind...

Just think…how would it feel to be Living more in the Flow and not get hijacked/caught up in the thoughts that can stop you? What might be possible then?

If you have a tendency to overthink and worry, would love more time for yourself and what’s important to you, or just want to achieve that one thing that keeps alluding you – then keep reading!

Get a new perspective on the nature of thought to experience way less stress, and navigate life with greater energy and ease.

Here’s what others had to say when they did!

“I took part in Tamsin’s Living in the Flow 30 day exploration. The concept evolves around thought process, and how understanding your thought flows can make your ‘busy head’ a happier head. It is also about letting go of some of the control that surrounds us all, and letting the good feelings dominate your agenda. I have learnt so much and, although I have not yet managed to fully live in the flow, I am now in tune with the principles, and will be joining Tamsin in 2018 for more exploring of this to enhance my daily wellbeing and peace of mind.”

Claus, London

“It’s easy to get wound up about something that only seems to exist in my head, letting go of those often negative thoughts seems to make me feel lighter and happier.

It has had a positive impact at work where I have stopped getting annoyed with certain situations, not getting carried away with reading too much into them. I have started to accept that everyone has a different understanding of certain situations. It’s also helped in my private life – not letting negative thoughts stop me from exploring new things.”

Andrea, London

Living in the Flow Exploration

Step back from the ‘busyness’ and join me in an exploration into Living in the Flow – a moment to breathe and focus on what’s most important to you. A chance to design your life for the better so you’re living more consciously and feeling way more content, joyful and fulfilled!

Living in the Flow can mean different things for different people, but these are some of the benefits people have experienced:

More freedom and peace of mind – a carefree state of mind beats control

Way more energy and time on their hands now that worry takes up less of their day

Enjoying life and work so much more – a clearer mind leaves room for ideas/solutions to flow, resulting in inspired action not forced

More resourceful – less on your mind leaves it free to listen, be more open to work better with colleagues, or support family and friends in times of struggle and explore new ways of handling difficulties

Taking things/people less personally – greater compassion and understanding

Here’s how it works!

You’ll receive a series of short daily emails sharing a new perspective on the nature of thought, and how that becomes a game changer for Living more in the Flow. See these as your 5 minutes of quiet inspiration you give to yourself each day!

It’s one thing to read and understand something intellectually, and completely another to make it a way of life. The magic happens when you’re actually experiencing life differently, regularly feeling good in your own skin, enjoying your life and doing the things that make you happy.

So, you’ll then have three different opportunities to have a different conversation about what insights have percolated for you, and explore how different your life can look with this new understanding!

1 Join a small group. Groups take place in the evening at my home in Earlsfield, South West London. They run for a couple of hours in a relaxed and informal way with drinks and light refreshments. Since I know how booked up we can all get, we go with the dates that suit the majority!

2 Virtual webinar. For those who can’t make it face-to-face – if you live abroad or would find it hard to get to London – we get together as a group for a virtual webinar on line.

After the session, you’ll have the opportunity to stay engaged if you choose, and have further conversations to design your life from Living in the Flow, whilst getting ongoing encouragement and support from a likeminded group.

Session cost: £75 in person/£30 virtual webinar

3 One-to-one session. If groups are not your thing, and you’d prefer to continue your exploration on a one-to-one basis, we set up a good time to have a private conversation about the things you’d most like to happen, and ways to navigate what’s stopping you through Living more in the Flow.

One hour telephone session: £125

And here’s more feedback on Living in the Flow

“As I go into 2018, I look back and see how far I’ve come; how much easier and less stressful life has become. Working with Tamsin has moved me from problem-focused, frustrating indecision and procrastination to easy, dynamic, motivated flow in all aspects of me and what I love to be and do.”

“Tamsin’s initial workshop inspired me and really made me think. I came away inspired, motivated and with a much better understanding of why I behave in the way I do, how lopsidily my life is organised and how much more fulfilled I could be…and the means to change all this was right there in my hand.

Continuing on with the nudgeme club has given me just the accountability I need to follow through. Being part of the nudgers group has transformed the way I approach my life, and the way I deal with hurdles and face challenges in growing my business. I don’t know where I would be without it. Tamsin has just the right combination of knowledge, insight, empathy and supportiveness (and she can be tough as well – that’s necessary!). I’ve found the group dynamic supportive and helpful. I can’t imagine not being part of it.”

Cathy, Brighton

“Quite literally my sessions with Tamsin have revolutionised my life. I was someone that just “did busy”. Now, I don’t. It isn’t a Badge of Honour. It is an exhausting way to live. External influences and happenings used to change my mood and could alter what I was doing in a heartbeat. It was always someone else’s actions that had done it; I had no control! A lot of my time was wasted going over and over someone else’s actions in my mind, what they had said over and over again trying to make sense of it. Now I simply just don’t do it. I just have, quite literally, STOPPED. I now realise how much energy and time I have wasted. Now I have realised this I have so much more time on my hands. More time to think; more space in my brain for good ideas to come in and far more time to get everything done.  I feel good! I feel excited! I am raring to go. Give it a try….. you could be surprised too. I certainly am!”

L, London

Living Life in the Flow by design not default

I hope you’ll join me on my mission for us all to be Living more in the Flow and experiencing much greater levels of fulfilment, ease and good times as a result. If that sounds good to you, then hit the button below, and you’ll receive the first email today. If you have any questions at all, just ask and I’ll come back to you. If you want less stress and more peace of mind this year, do this for you – you’re going to be pleasantly surprised!