Change the Conversation in your Head to Live, Work and Play Differently

A nudgeme Different Conversation Case Study

“It has changed my life around!”

I started working with Tamsin at nudgeme in April 2014. I was having some personal and relationship issues, which I needed some professional guidance with. During the process of being introduced to the nudgeme strategies, I was also in the throws of receiving some therapy with a therapist I had been working with in the past. However, I found that the therapy sessions were not assisting me to make any breakthroughs, and I became very frustrated.

Practical strategies

Tamsin started introducing me to some practical step-by-step strategies to address the immediate issues I was struggling with. I immediately related to her methods and guidelines, and started to identify with myself and my problems in such an authentic way, which made me feel more in control of my own destiny, and very happy that I had finally identified with something, which I could feel was working. I definitely found nudgeme’s methods to be much more in sync with my own feelings than the therapy sessions I was going for just prior to starting the nudgeme programme!

How to become the fixer of my own problems

Throughout, I was shown that my issues were in fact very simple to fix, and that I was being taught through this process how to become the fixer of my own problems. What stood out the most for me was that this program becomes a part of life, and that it is an on-going process where I was not only really learning how to identify with my inner self, but that this work is actually a way to live by.

Not only did I start applying these methods to myself, but I very much put them to use in my daily life. I started putting them to practical use in my day-to-day relations with those close to me and around me, and was astounded at the instant results. Some of the changes that took place have been completely life changing, and these experiences will stay with me for the rest of my life.

I made incredible breakthroughs with my relationships

I made incredible breakthroughs with regards to my relationships, including the one I was having with myself. I started shifting perspectives and having very different conversations with myself. Much better ones with way more positive end results. Just by following the basic steps shown to me, I can honestly say (without a doubt) it changed who I was becoming for the better and continues to do so!

It gave me a very clear understanding of how I was actually very much in control of my own life and the decisions that I was making on a day-to-day basis. By just becoming aware of my own thought patterns, stalking my thoughts and understanding where I can make changes for the better, I was able to walk through some very difficult relationship challenges knowing that I had applied myself in the best ways possible. I became very familiar with the term of acting from either “Love or Fear”, which made complete sense to me as this is exactly what I was needing to understand in my life in order to make the changes for the better.

The best part of doing this work with Tamsin was that the programme allows you to get to the “very core” of yourself and your problems. I never really fully understood the term “unconditional love” until this work. It has changed my life around! This incredibly valuable lesson will stay with me forever.

Most growth has taken place in such a short space of time

This work is not something you just practice once-off. On the contrary, it is something you begin to live by, grow with and evolve with. For the first time in my life the most growth has taken place in such a short space of time. Growth I can not only see, but feel and experience in all its glory.

I find this work to be solid in its form, completely authentic and very REAL. It helped me to not force feelings down, but rather feel them as they come up, and then through the step-by step-guidance to act according to my real, authentic self. This being a very powerful tool as prior to starting this work I was not at all in tune with what was going on inside the core.

Having the courage to show my true feelings

Another very valuable tool I was shown was how to not be afraid of my vulnerability. Having the courage to show my true feelings as we tend to hide these most of the time. I realized that I had often been wearing a mask hiding my real feelings. Being vulnerable is strength, something I only learnt through doing this work.

I was taught about the basic 6 Human Needs, what they are and how I could fill my own cup of needs and not look to another person to fill these needs for me. Change is not easy and definitely not comfortable, but very necessary in order to grow.

I was shown how to truly tune into myself and call up the best parts of myself to deal with problems that come up. This basic awareness being another powerful tool that can transform a problem rather than break it down.

I started being less afraid of life in front of me. Keeping my heart open rather than closing it up and the difference this can make. I realised through this work that there is actually nothing to fear, and that love is always the better part of me, to choose love over fear is who I am.

The most valuable life lessons I have ever encountered

This work has taught me to OWN my “stuff”. Take responsibility for my own actions, and not to blame others for my own life problems, but rather take action towards making changes through understanding myself, and opening my heart towards those around me. I have become more in tune with myself during this programme than any other times or therapy sessions. These life lessons I have learnt through the nudgeme strategies are by far the most valuable life lessons I have ever encountered. I also have no doubt that these lessons will remain with me as I continue to walk this new path that I would not have been able to do without the amazing support and guidance of Tamsin. I continue to work with Tamsin and the process of growth is ongoing. I find that in this program you just keep laying bricks down in the foundations of building your own life and what you want to have change in life.

There is no looking back down the old road. The person I was before I started with nudgeme is so outmoded to the one I have become through doing this amazing/ life changing work.

I would like to thank Tamsin Butters with all my heart as without this amazing woman I would not be where I am now. Her total devotion to my progress and her ongoing faith in me has brought me to this point. Thank you Tamsin for being my life coach throughout these very trying and difficult months. Thanks for believing, and continuing to believe, in me. I could never have done this without you!!

Deirdre, Cape Town