Change the Conversation in your Head to Live, Work and Play Differently

Work for yourself or want to ?

Grow your business with a different conversation with yourself

I’ve worked for myself for over 25 years, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! The best bit is probably the same for you as it is for me – it gives me greater freedom to work at what I enjoy, whilst living my life in the way I want. But sometimes the reality can be very different from working long hours and permanently juggling between work and personal priorities, to feeling stressed and overwhelmed when things don’t go to plan. It’s those times when it’s so easy to get in the way of our own success. nudgeme is about giving small business entrepreneurs a chance to stand back at those times and have a different conversation with yourself, and some handholding to accelerate your business faster.

Key to being an effective entrepreneur

The No 1 issue in my experience that people have that prevents them from working for themselves more easily is the way they talk to themselves – from imagining everything possible that can go wrong, to fears around financial insecurity or failure. The key to being an effective entrepreneur isn’t to learn more about the latest marketing fad, but get to know yourself better so you identify any potential constraints and unhelpful thinking early on and quickly get back in control. From there, you have far greater confidence in your ability to deal with whatever comes your way, see where your time is best spent and then take faster action in the areas that will result in the quickest returns. And in a way that fits best with your strengths and all the other areas of your life.

nudgeme one-day business conversation

This one-day business conversation  is geared to helping you take the decision to start working for yourself, or stand back from the daily grind of already doing so. It’s an opportunity to take some time out to have a different conversation about all those niggling thoughts and issues, which are causing you to work too many hours, get over stressed or completely out of balance with the rest of your life. The session focuses on four key areas with the aim of helping you to integrate your ideal business and personal life, whilst challenging any thinking or assumptions so that you achieve more of an ‘entrepreneurial mindset’, and good communications in your business and personal relationships.

Small Business Entrepreneur

1 Your personal life

How well do you manage the overlaps between work and personal so you avoid overwhelm, while keeping your important people happy?

2 Your business goals and success

How can you best leverage your time to establish and see growth in your business more quickly?

3 You as an effective entrepreneur

How do you talk to yourself and what might be repeatedly tripping you up?

4 Your communications style

How can you achieve better communications in your personal and work relationships in ways that play to your natural strengths? Having a different conversation with yourself now could make all the difference to your success, and get you on the right track much faster than struggling on your own. Click here to see how.

“In Tamsin, I know I’ve found a business coach who’s one in a million. If you’re considering whether or not to work with her, my advice would be to think of some of those conversations that you’ve had with yourself, and left unresolved in your mind – and then come back to time and again. Here is someone you can share those conversations with, who isn’t a Ms Fixit, and will manage to help you replay them with yourself so that YOU come up with some sort of movement forward that you couldn’t come up with before. That really is quite something. And when I say conversations, I mean conversations about ANYTHING, not just business. Business, family, life, what we’re here for – Tam will go where your conversation takes you. Oh, and one other piece of advice. However long you’re thinking of working with her, double it. I was at first only planning on signing up for 6 months. That was 3 years ago.”

Pete, Director,

“Having participated in one on one “nudgeme” coaching, I now begin each day having a different conversation with myself with remarkable rewards. Before this, I existed in a fearful and stuck place. However, due to your solution-driven motivation, instilling confidence in myself, I now think, focus and live completely “out of the box”. Whilst sensitively, yet powerfully expressed, your savvy and practical support has given me renewed energy, a clearer vision and the momentum to commit to being accountable to myself for my daily thoughts and actions. In a nutshell, you’ve helped me help myself, accelerating my path to ultimate happiness in my business and personal life. While working on the most crucial issues together, we unlocked my core potential, identifying and exploring fundamental things I can now do to achieve sustainable progress with my business and what my business is capable of so I will achieve my long term goals. I am truly grateful for this life enhancing experience, my future prospects are boundless and looking great!” Regards

David, London