Change the Conversation in your Head to Live, Work and Play Differently

Useful Links

The useful links below are for some of my favourite websites or resources, which I find particularly useful, informative or inspiring. Although I would not hesitate to recommend these sites, I take no personal responsibility for their content.

Looking for inspiration?

Brendon Burchard is one of the most influential personal development trainers and expert marketer in the world. I love his accessible style and enthusiasm, and he shares incredible information freely about his quest to help people answer the question “did I live fully, love openly and make a difference?”

One of the most popular blogs on the internet providing excellent tips and information on boosting productivity, managing your time and priorities more effectively and generally leading a more simple and happy life. Leo Babauta is married with six kids living on Guam, and Zen Habits has a massive following.

This is Michael Neill’s website where he shares his latest thinking on successful living. I’m a big advocate of his philosophy that success and happiness comes from ‘the inside out’, rather than from our ‘external’ events and circumstances: we might not be able to control what goes on or happens around us at times, but we always have the choice to have a different conversation with ourselves about how we react and the meanings we attach to them.

Looking to work at something you love on your own terms?

These following sites are proof that it’s possible to work at something you love and on your own terms. Be sure to check out the comments on the blogs as well as they yield valuable information and ideas on how people from all walks of life have had a different conversation with themselves, and never looked back!

Jonathan Mead, the founder of Paid to Exist, describes himself as a ‘day job destruction coach’! He helps people to quit their jobs and work on their own terms. He shares lots of useful information and ideas on how to do that on his blog where there’s a great community who are doing just that.

Change the world doing work you love is the premise of this blog – some great ideas here.

Chris Guillebeau’s blog is called The Art of Non-Conformity, described as a home for unconventional people who do remarkable things! He’s travelled all over the world, and writes on unconventional strategies for life, work and travel.

Wanting to market yourself or your business more effectively?

Because of my communications background, I’m constantly keeping up to date with the latest thinking in internet and social media marketing and ways for building engaging relationships on line. The following websites never fail to provide great information and support!

Free, in depth information AND training on all aspects of marketing an organisation or business on line. Hosted by a very amusing Australian who not only knows his stuff, but has a very laid back teaching style that makes everything fun and easy to digest.

Rick Schefren is the expert to whom the on line marketing gurus turn when they want advice! A highly informative web site with the most up to the minute thinking about business development and internet marketing. His free reports offer incredible information, and he’s always one step ahead of the game.

The most well written and informative web site for all you need to know about starting and maintaining a small business blog.