Well, another year is nearly over, and I hope you’re now starting to wind down and look forward to the Christmas holidays! And if you’re working right up to the wire, or feel you still have a mountain to do, I hope this nudge will give you a moment to pause from the busyness!

Thoughts settle like a snow globe!

As you’ll know from my nudges this year, I’ve been sharing more about the perils of over thinking and the stress that can cause. I’ve talked about the idea of living more in the flow, and the peace of mind that can result when our thinking is less stirred up!
Much like those snow globes where you can’t see what’s inside when you shake them, but when the snowflakes settle, the picture emerges.

Thoughts naturally settle in the same way

There’s nothing to overthink, change or do, just the mind clears and you’re back living in the flow. Fresh thought is always coming through in the moment, regardless of anything else going on around us. And it’s the simply knowing that, which can lead to a greater sense of wellbeing.

Kindness in the design

It’s lovely to know that’s part of our system, natural state, and you only have to see it, to notice when you’re stirred up, which gives you a moment to pause, stand back, rather than rushing headlong into potentially bad decisions, arguments, disagreements or whatever.

For me, I’ve seen that there’s kindness in the design that makes for much wiser decisions, and takes a ton off my plate, where previously overthinking or reacting would have wasted so much of my time and energy.
Holidays can be a time of managing people’s expectations, and getting stirred up for all kinds of reasons! So play with this idea of the snow globe over the break, test it out for yourself, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Living in the Flow in 2018!

During November, I ran a 30 day exploration into living more in the flow where a group of 15 of us shared a deeper understanding of where our experience comes from and the nature of thought. I shared daily insights, concluding with a group session. I got some great feedback, and it was wonderful to see the difference it made to people…

“I took part in Tamsin’s Living in the Flow 30 day exploration. The concept evolves around thought process, and how understanding your thought flows can make your ‘busy head’ a happier head. It is also about letting go of some of the control that surrounds us all, and letting the good feelings dominate your agenda. I have learnt so much and, although I have not yet managed to fully live in the flow, I am now in tune with the principles, and will be joining Tamsin in 2018 for more exploring of this to enhance my daily wellbeing and peace of mind.”

If you would like more details about Living in the Flow in 2018, just hit reply and I’ll be in touch in the New Year!

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