Happy New Year!

I hope it’s got off to a good start, and you’re still feeling the benefit from the holidays eleven days in! And if it’s already feeling like a distant memory then I hope my New Year musings might give you pause for a breather…

Starting with letting things go

As I kick off my New Year, I’m feeling far more relaxed than might have been the case in the past. I love the whole notion of starting on a fresh page, but previously that could cause me to feel pressurised with thoughts of changing or doing things differently or getting more done.

This year I’ve let go of all of that…

Doing what occurs next

As you’ll know from my nudges last year, I’ve been sharing more about the idea of living more in the flow, and the peace of mind that can result when you drop all the busyness, overthinking or ‘shoulding’ yourself.

Instead, I’m just following through on what occurs next to me, what feels like the next step to consider and doing that, and it feels wonderfully liberating!

This is what that looks like

1 I’ve spent some quiet time writing down what I’d like this year to be about. I heard a good way of doing this recently, which was to start with the sentence ‘it would be great to…’. For me, that immediately feels so much lighter and freer than yet another goals or ‘to do’ list, which can quickly feel prescriptive and heavy.

2 I’ve completed my tax return with ease instead of the usual dread that evokes. I simply got started and came back to it across a couple of days instead of forcing myself to do it all in one go.

3 I’ve made time for what feels important: visited a dear Uncle who has just received some bad medical news; been in touch with friends instead of putting it off for a good time to talk; learnt how to make shortbread having not baked since I was in school(!?); got my wood-burner working after weeks of procrastination and a smoke filled boat; cleared the decks of paperwork and clutter that’s been there for years; started looking at holidays…

4 And work has just flowed too – instead of the usual overthinking about work, planning and stress from other people’s demands, I’ve focused on my priorities: designed a new ‘nudging’ package; updated my website; engaged in some training & a new mastermind group, all without any feeling of busyness or self-imposed deadlines!

Do without doing and everything gets done

As I’m writing, I can already feel the resistance to doing what occurs next…and all the ‘but, what ifs’ that might be coming to mind… And I get that, because that used to be me!

But ask yourself this. Can you think of a time when stressing or worrying helped you to achieve or resolve something or handle a situation any better? I heard this answered so well in a film I watched over Christmas by a man facing a life or death situation. When asked if he was worried he replied “would it help?”
Be different this year!

If Living more in the Flow sounds good to you, then my nudge is to be different this year. I say ‘be’ rather than ‘do’ on purpose, because I really mean it’s all about being more of yourself whatever that might be for you. More lighthearted, more energised, more carefree, more creative, more fulfilled, happier. That might sound a little woo woo (or too good to be true…?), but take it from me, if you’re living more in the flow, it gets a whole lot easier to experience those things a lot more of the time!

I’m really keen to share more about how you can do that, so if you’re interested, please take a minute now to consider an idea I’ve put together to help make this happen at the link below.

Living in the Flow in 2018

If this resonates, I hope you’ll take a look. Do this for you, and make this year the one where busyness, worry or stress, gets relegated once and for all!

Consider yourself nudged until the next time…!

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